What is it?

This Ransom ware tool which has almost affected 100,000 of users worldwide who are more attached with windows platform. It is to be noted that from single users to large enterprises have been affected with this 0day crypto worm that encrypts all system data on your computer or laptop that runs on windows.

ransomware-expert-tips-featuredYet, there aren’t any decrypting tool founded to recover your files, but the admins or the nuggets who are behind this massive attack, is requesting a payment of 300 bit coins which is equal to $3000 dollars as a ransom to gain back their files with a decryption key.

It was more identified VPS (Virtual Private Servers), that is been running under windows server 2008 RDP, is much affected, as its network layer security is not upgraded and stable just as 2012 R2 Windows Server which has it, inbuilt.

By now hospitals, train stations, organizations, etc. have been victims of this attack. This has been the latest massive attack done worldwide.

Couple of months back at the beginning of this year, a ransom ware named “Cerber” which was led by russian hackers, had targeted countries and groups with its bit coins ransom requested on their accounts, in return to provide victims with decryption keys.

But, Wannacry Ransomware #wannacry also circulated under the name as Jeff Ransomware is still targeting and on the go.

How to stay safe?

  1. Stay away from emails with unknown addresses, offers or with any download links
  2. Better not to surf around XXX rated sites or malicious sites for your safety
  3. Have a PC scan and get your virus guard updated
  4. When ever your active, have your router ON. When its not in use, Power OFF it.
  5. Scan any files that’s requesting any updates or permissions to allow auto update or any fix.

Are you affected already?

Well this might be hard to hear, as its time for a format on your PC as it won’t be any sooner a decryption tool will be available to fix your issues. Its a worth await, but if your in a hurry, its better you go with formatting.


Uncle Drac
Dracula Diary

Article by Azzurro

Image references: Cover image body image


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