Sex Tape Leaked: Sanath Jayasuriya accused

On May 24th, 2017 a video that has been shared and viewed virally in Sri Lanka on a top celebrity known by many on the field of cricket.

This celebrity is accused with the look alike on the video to be seen as the well known “Master BlasterSanath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka having a pleasure time. It is well known noticed that the next person on the video is supposed to be sanath’s Ex-Wife. Yet no one knows how was this leaked.

But, as it seems, its not yet clear on how was the video leaked, people due confirm it could be a look a like of Sanath. With assuming done by different media firms and social vloggers and bloggers its not yet confirmed positively whether Sanath Jayasuriya could be accused.

Confirmed sourced have mentioned that they are working to the core, to take down the video from all online platforms that has been released.

It was from yesterday, the 24th of May, the video has been massively shared and mentioned, but no confirmed source can prove, that the appearance shall be Sanath himself on the video, or was it leaked in terms for a personal revenge done by his previous spouse.

Though, these news are circulated, Sri Lankan fans can never forget their all time favorite cricket hero “Master Blaster” Sanath Jayasuriya with his skills and achievements for all these years.


Article by Azzurro

Dr. Acula

Dracula Diary


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