WWE Payback 2017

WWE Payback 2017 – Roman Vs. Braun

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman at the Payback event entering Braun at first to the ring and then followed up by Roman with cheering from the crowd.

The fight was heating up, when Roman with his Superman Punch on Braun made him to fall down on his knee. But Braun made a point to catch roman before his next punch with a shoulder lock allowing a chance for Braun on a Power Slam on the ring, though he was lucky for 2 taps on the hold, where Roman was ready to fight back.

With tough game on both landing on top of the announcing table, and getting roman towards the corner of the ring with both of their power punches and shoulder slams the match between them was getting more interested and fiery for WWE fans worldwide.

The event took place in SAP Center, San Jose, California. By the end of the match, Braun Strowman had the winning title by defeating Roman Reigns at the “WWE Payback 2017” the event coverage given by WWE Network provides more in detail coverage of the event.

Check below on the main highlights of WWE Payback 2017Roman Vs. Braun

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Photography Vs Videography

What’s good for you?

Basically everyone prefers to be a photographer, even though videos captures number of frames and special moments. What defines these 2 areas?


Is where a much more specific moment is captured on your lens but describes many events through one picture. Less time consumed but many details to be noticed.

Well there is a huge difference with newbie photographers and pro’s who is entirely focused onto photography as his or her career.

They will consider all the rules, shutter speeds, light controls, flash controls, many manual settings, etc. Yes, been a photographer means you would have to learn a lot. Very interesting topic. But yet its once again if you consider to be a newbie or a general photographer; that’s just gonna be another snap for you.


Large amount of frames, different detailing, more timing, more amount of contents and even voices to be recorded, just in case. Well people would ask what is to be a big difference. A photographer could do the same. Just press the “RECORD” button, that’s it.

Trust me, tell that to a videographer, you will always be able to see with one eye, because the next eye will be black.

so the theories behind been a videographer is not easy as you think. Its actually making a total movie, even though its not a action or romantic film, a videographer is a videographer, as his or her clarity on the work should be perfected. The most important fact is to create the good beginning and plan out a super ending. You miss these 2 portions, the viewers will hit the crap out of you or have a good nap.

But the hidden story of a videographer is not ending with 2 portions. Its above that, the middle portion which is  processing part of the video. After the start and before the end, its a whole lot of things taking place, so planning accordingly about subject positioning, environmental positions of lights/ornaments/ furniture,etc. could be very useful areas for eye catching view.

Their techniques on pre and post process of the video is phenomenal and that is why we would watch good movies without skipping unless its songs and murder scenes. But yet you are correct there is a director or a producer helping the videographer, and once again highlighting A VIDEOGRAPHER is a Videographer.

who wins the battle of VS by VS ?

Both as equally they have to put their commitment and skills into practice. Its really not 100% wins the hardware they use, but the skills and creativity they develop with their years of experience.

But to highlight another point, Yeah there is a little bit more extra skill where a photographer has to put as they capture one moment, that they can never assure would get a chance again to capture the same.

The Flash to the future

Season 3 Ep 19 : The Once and Future Flash

The most awaited episode after a short break, the Flash is back on screening. Within the passed episodes, different villains and different. But with the battle between Flash and Savitar, it is about the life of Iris West is at stake.

Barry’s only move is to make a way to save her life from Savitar Vs. Flash. In the final 19th episode everyone was expecting answers. But directors Glen Winter, Tom Cavanagh and David Nutter preferred to give a suspense as usual. The startup of the episode of Kaitlyn snow to be killer frost to be traitor of the team and be joining hands with savitar, while Barry runs to future 2024 in realizing there might some clue of who savitar is and to speak with Barry himself in 2024.

Flash was missing for years, which the news article shown by Gideon brings us to notice, why Flash was missing as he was been blocked by time traveling by a person (mentioned on todays show) so that Barry can not play with the time line, so he has been stuck, but as Barry made a choice to come finding future Barry. The loss of Iris West, faced by future Flash and his upgraded Flash costume are some highlighted parts of the 19th episode released.

It was never a missing point to surprise us with some more suspense towards the next episode. The revealing of Savitar. Have a look on the episode 19 before its too late to know.

A small sneek peek suspense from Dr. Acula >>>

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So please do share your opinions with uncle Drac “Dr. Acula”. Till i meet you next time, Have a nice day!

Baahubali 2 Movie

Baahubali 2 – The conclusion

This is a masterpiece which ready to be release in another 2 days with world wide premier. Baahubali a film directed by S. S. Rajamouli was released in year 2015. This film was pure new experience towards telugu film industry with story line and advance VFX that was used in bring out the movie to be a success of hitting 6.5 billion INR (6.5 billion) record.

Now the release of Baahubali 2 is awaited by all fans and movie maniacs to know “why did “KATTAAPPA” (guardian of the dynasty) had to kill king Baahubali’s father in Part 1. Was he a traitor? or did he follow the commands of higher table of judicial?


Been the guardian of the dynasty and the leader in charge of war base, he has taken the oath to protect the kingdom, so why did he make a choice like this?

All the answers to be shown on the most awaited release on Baahubali 2, will double the record this year as people are waiting to know answers and not to miss a the great ending. Yet, it is not confirmed will this be the real end of the film or will we be seeing Baahubali 3 in another interesting story line by director S. S. Rajamouli.

baahubali_660_031617051427The war in against brother of Baahubali’s uncle Bhallala Deva for turning evil on his family and people in serving to the kingdom shall seek the great return of King Baahubali.

The return will be facing the wrath of Baahubali, where he was able to behead Bhallala Deva‘s son on Part 1. The vengeance will create the war in against baahubali to take revenge for what he has done to his beloved son. So everything is in place, its all what everyone was waiting for and that is “Baahubali 2 – The Conclusionreleasing on 28th of April, 2017.

Telugu and Tamil movie fans wish has finally come true, check on the video below, you will find related more news on the official trailer. Don’t miss out it giving your feedback about the film to uncle Dr. Acula after watching it.

Though this film will be much noticed by Asian countries, it will be good for a change for eastern countries like us to have a look on their medieval era of their kings and ancestors storyline.