Fat to Fit Tips

Is your weight and your shape a torture to you?

This is a very common problem faced by many. Fat is curable to a lean and muscular body. It is possible, and many people lost with their confidence, usually convince them selves for short cuts, that they end with serious side effects.

Hard working always pays off, surely those short cut methods such as medicines and powder shakes will kill your fat cells and burning calories in weeks but what comes next, is the part that frightens you. Yes, there are illnesses with bad lever, low blood flow, uprising of Blood pressure, Heart rate drops and several more serious cases very well highlighted with quick result methods.

Why should you choose the hard way?

These are the reason why you should choose the hard way, instead of the shortcuts.

  1. When you train hard, your membranes quite adopts and develops necessary muscles for smooth and optimum workouts
  2. Results are satisfactory even though they take time
  3. Results are long lasting
  4. Due to natural workouts, your blood flow, breathing, posture, heart beat rate, etc. are well developed physically and mentally.
  5. Your confidence improves that allows you to be satisfied and work hard and smart to gain success on all fields you focus.
  6. Your fat cells and calories will reduce without affecting the skin with shagginess.
  7. Good sleep allowing you with early morning wakeup
  8. Improved metabolism & hormones
  9. Your even fit after a days work
  10. Less amount of cardiac strokes due to better cardio workouts
  11. With your hard earned results, the less chances of falling sick due to better health
  12. A perfect figure with a balance diet is maintained
  13. Feel more comfortable and flexible

these are just the basics. There are more points to be discussed of been active and hard working on been successful.

So how does this work?

  • Workout in a time period of 90 minutes to 180 minutes per day, depending on your schedule or workout plan
  • Try to maintain walking or running simultaneously for 30 minutes. It is with much higher results after 30 minutes. So a good walk for 45 minutes per day is the best for your Fat 2 Fit program
  • Abs workout on reps range of 500 – 800 with different AB Workouts, remember not to over stress yourself, if not, you will be doing lazy workouts only in a plan to finish the amount of reps quickly.
  • Beginners/ rookies always start from the bottom with correct guidance of an instructor, on workouts and meal plans
  • Have a rest time of 30 seconds to 50 seconds maximum between sets, it helps better chance on fat cell demolition
  • Good breathing exercises while working out is important, to keep yourself fit
  • Discipline of correct workouts and methods are very important
  • Workout at a gym, 4 days a week, minimum 3 days a must
  • Try to at least walk 30 minutes, on 5 days per week
  • Avoid speed walking, as breathing is very important
  • Avoid junk foods and sweets, its okay to have 1 cheat day per week, with a handful of sweets or snacks, which is more recommended to be taken with your breakfast or either with your lunch.
  • Avoid eating at late nights, even with your busy work schedule if your a late eater, make sure that you, have your meal 2 hours before you go to bed.
  • Have a glass of hot water or a cup of green tea before you sleep, but exactly 45 minutes after having your dinner.
  • YOGA or Speed Training, once per week is another better way of seeing quick results
  • Most importantly, patience and strong will to achieve success is very important in Fat to Fit program

If your a traveler or a foodie maniac it is important you organize the food you consume. Check your calorie intake on snacks and foods, also the amount of fat percentage included on them.

Remember the amount of calories you intake, it should be used to cut off, as well as to use it as your prime energy boost, on your workouts. So its very important you focus a balance structure, on adding calories to your body.

Always, there are events or parties coming up, in and out, so you need some enjoying life too, hence its never a crime to have a few egg rolls, some junk food, cheese, etc. in and out. But make sure to work out very well without been lazy.

It’s very important for Uncle Drac also, to be fit and healthy. Drinking a cup of blood will not be an ideal method to keep myself healthy. So with the rules of my mistress, uncle drac has to hit the gym and eat high proteins on daily basis.

I am indeed waiting to hear from you, about your opinions with these methods and who ever follows these tips and improves their workouts, do not forget to share your success stories by tagging Uncle Dr.Acula a.k.a Dracula on your posts.

Uncle Drac
Dr. Acula Diary

Article by Inshath Cader

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Children Vs Parents

Parenting done correctly

The first objective in been parents, is to understand who your child is and the very state of it commences from by not to compare your child to another.

Every kid is unique and different from their minds, so by comparing them to each other will not improve the ability, of getting your deal as a parent to motivate your child. It will only make your child DE-motivated and take away their confidence.

2011-05-03-behaviourprobleminchildren2Your child is not Super Mario, where you handle, how he will be playing his or her life. Your child is a human being, just like parents who have feelings and their personal desires to fulfill. There are parents who understand their children very well and building up strong bonds, with their children, and in return their children are very much attached to their parents.

Minds of children are very open, they always observe things which comes first. So its very important that good detail, good qualities and good concepts are shown to them. If the evil energy is roaming around, it’s much of a hard time to fix your child’s mind. But still as parents your’ll are the ones who can help them to be better, respectable citizens.

Well the most important milestone of any parent is to provide your child with good education, but where they screw up is, when they expect a lot from their children. This is where the entire war starts of making a mazer runner to win the battle of high rank marks, thinking that your child is a machine.

Some parents say, “We are dreaming of our child to reach the highest rank, as we were never eligible of it”

Well this statement has 2 sides of expression

#1 – Thats due to less wealth or facilities of parents, that they didn’t have the opportunity to get their necessary education, they are looking forward to provide good education to their children to let them be successful.

As a child on this stage, Yes, you are in debt to do it correctly. Study well and make your parents happy and proud, as they know what they missed in their life, where they never wanted it to be repeated in your life too. So they sacrifice their time and happiness in making your win.

But parents remember, when your working hard and sacrificing most of your time towards your child’s success, never forget to be close to them too. Sometimes with the wide gap between children and parents, that would make them finally end up as strangers. There are examples in every corner on this planet.

So children, though parents weren’t able to be with you at every moment, remember they were absent, as they were making more time to build up your future. So always be humble to show your respect for their commitment.

#2 – There are the parents, who provides everything towards their child, to make him win against the enemies and competitors in making their child the best. THE WAR OF COMPARING THE BEST

The word “BEST” is the worst nightmare of a child. It could be an endless pain for a child of not been understood by their parents, on the dreams of your child.

Every kid, did never want to be an engineer, doctor or an employee. They would have other dreams of been a photographer, musician, artists, dancer, fitness coach, teacher, motor mechanic, a DJ, videographer, journalist, actor, editor and so many more. But what did, stop them of been the next Micheal Jackson or the next Will Smith or was he to be the next Steve McCurry.

Stop putting your child on a race, they are not horses to be betting on who would be coming number one. Let them be free on their heads. Do not consider decisions based on what “THE SOCIETY THINKS” OR “WHAT THE SOCIETY WANTS” society is not the owners of your children, YOU ARE. Understand your child, take decisions based under the skills of your children. On what they could achieve. On what they are experienced in. Best of all, on what they are more passionate of.

The most successful all time legends in other fields were, always the people who once were children, who followed their passion and achieve to their targets, without condemning about their choice they had to make in choosing their hobby as their work or job.

They were let free as birds and they flew high towards their success.

But as parents, you keep cutting their wings and then expecting them to fly to their success, what is the whole point of your commitment that you show, as parents.

As children its your duty to make your parents happy, proud and take good care of them. So you should study well and reach to the top.

As parents you should understand what your children prefers to be in their life and listen on their passion too. Children aren’t robots, provide them good study, good qualities and good guidance. They will surely make you proud.

Most importantly believe in them. No matter what, their true strength and power of confidence, begins and develop from the trust and the motivation given by parents.


Article by Azzurro

Image referrences from: lutherwood dad vs son encouragement

Have you fallen in Love ?

How to confirm, whether you have fallen in love?

It doesn’t matter what your gender is, but basically this is a question both girls and boys come up with.


When do you fall in love?

This can be at any age, whether your 9 years old, 16 years old or 30 years it doesn’t matter. Well at a younger age, people do say its an attraction or more know as a “CRUSH“, but how to know whether my/ your love is a crush or true love?

Mostly there are different categories on how people fall in love, below are some of them

  • by a crush
  • by their qualities and attitudes
  • appearance
  • wealthy life
  • by hating each other or fighting
  • by liking each other from heart to heart
  • one side love

from the above categories, the 3 most important categories are:

  1. Appearance
  2. Liking each other from heart to heart
  3. One side Love


Its human nature where some fall in love for a person’s appearance, how he or she looks good. That’s never a crime, people do intend to say

Looks don’t matter, when 2 hearts are connect to each other

Well the deep side of this statement is 82% correct, but yet as long as the human nature, we love a person by their looks too. We can not change that truth, but there is a chance where people consider a person’s look over 2 factors;

2 girls, both are looking attractive, but when summarizing facts, some would choose a figure of a person and some about how mesmerizing he or she is.

In a fact the girl on the left, her eyes, her charm look, her loose black hair, her small lips, her wide eyebrows might be so attractive for a guy to fall in love.

But at the same time its the girl on the right, be much voted to be fallen in love as she is pretty hot, sexy, blond and just makes a guy want her.

But this doesn’t create a space that guys are perverts, while its okay for girls to be liking and falling in love with these 6 to 8 packs muscles toned guys, or some girls falling in love for the guys, who might be innocent, nerdy, cute or lovable. As mentioned before its all human nature. No one is wrong on that personal interest for each other.

Coming back to the point, you can fall in love with “appearance“. If you have fallen in love by someone’s looks, at a glance do not attempt to propose him or her. Give sometime to both of you, to associate, and to know the likes and dislikes of each other. That will create a better bond and a better chance to fall in love, if your hearts are seeking for each other.

Liking each other from heart to heart

Your pretty lucky, if the person you love and you too, are loving each other, having common thoughts on decision your’ll make, similar interests and love talking endlessly. Rarely 2 people fall in love, by disliking each other or having quarrels for each and everything to piss each other. But the fun fact is, there are many couples who once were enemies but now they are the most lovable couple.

No one would have ever thought, the person you use to never share your feelings, would be the very same person you will be sharing your life with. Still, some couples are very surprised, on how these kind of relationships, ends up as a happily married life.

Every action has an opposite reaction

Kind of a fishy, when you read that right?

Well its true, you might be the worst enemies, but you both might be the most caring couple for each other. Well this not human nature, this is the surprise of humans. This is the power of love, which no scientist can ever explain. Love is infinity when the correct pair sums up at the end. Remember we cannot change our life destiny, but still we can re-write some pages, so if your planning to re-write those pages, make sure to choose the correct person as your life partner.

One Side LOVE

one-sided-love0The greatest as well as the most fearful part of your life. Been a one side lover is happy as well as, ending up with great pain. It is a handful of people who had survived that pain or was lucky to win his or her love with the person they always wanted.

One side lovers are the category of people who would go up to any extent to prove their love. Its kind of a creepy, on how high they would go, to take risks in proving their love. Some label these lovers as lunatics. But its not, they are the only one’s who knows to give their love/ feelings and remain silent.

The people who remains silent would either be alone or would have left the world without any notice.

Well these so called one side lovers are much annoying at times, they will come behind asking just one chance to feel their love. But due to several reasons, you will not take a notice with that. Time passes by, they too loose hopes, interest about you or probably would moved away. But to be honest, that one chance which they requested would have been a great relief for them, but yet its just not about a bias decision but a wise decision of what to do next, as some people who could not accept their request might be in a stage of loving another, having a crush on another or facing more with a serious responsibility than thinking of his or her happiness at that moment in their life.

So if you have a one side love, though your serious about the love you show, don’t get too emotional, that would hurt you massively. As well as if your a person who has to accept or reject a one side lover’s request, do not tell “let’s be good friends”, as they are not in any intension to be friends, as they only want to be a good life partner. Take some time and talk to them and explain your situation for not allowing him or her, to be a part in your life.

You might ask Uncle DracWhy do I have to even explain him or her about my life, its my wish, to whom I should have in my life

Fair enough with your answer, but its about his or her life too. You will regret forever of hurting feelings of a person like that, who’s only intension was to love you and make you his or her life partner and keep you happy, forever.

So clearing out doubts and your personal will, with each other in a situation like that will help both of you to sort out things, without hurting each other in their journey, even though your’ll won’t be together.

We are coming back to the answer, which you have been waiting for all this time.

How to confirm, whether you have fallen in love?

Here’s the answer in point form:

  • If its hard to forget a person’s face, even if you don’t meet them often
  • If your feeling strange, unsorted about thinking over and over about him or her day and night
  • Avoid talking with anyone else, except the person you like
  • If you keep fighting with that person, even though you want to talk and spend time with them
  • Feeling nervous or shy
  • If you keep waiting eagerly to see that person at least once per day
  • Always feeling to talk with that person
  • You only want to hear his or her voice
  • Much interested to know her personal details, or likes and dislikes
  • Would prefer to take a photo with him/ her
  • Keep his or her photo as your wallpaper on your mobile or desktop
  • Keep something related or belonging of that person, near you safely
  • Prefer not to share anything which was gifted by that person, with anyone else
  • Would prefer yourself to be noticed by him/her, when ever he/she is present around
  • Would only prefer to ask anything only from that person
  • Stalking around them
  • Shy to make direct eye contacts
  • You get pissed when someone is annoying him/ her or threating them
  • Most fast in caring, when its something happened, towards the person you love
  • Bear any pain done, when the person you love hurts you or makes you sad, so you fake smile as if nothing happened

Finally your madly and deeply in love with him or her. You, are no more normal and uncle Drac is no more possible to even control you.

So its high time you choose what to do. Talk with them and express your love. But never be silent and kill your love story as a one side lover. You never know, how your luck could work too.

Then adios my friends, wish you best of luck in your love story. Please share your stories with us, would love to hear it. For any doubts, you could always ask uncle drac for guidance.

Remember though your love was not accepted, your feeling for love never lost. You WON ! Keep sharing your love, to everyone around you.

Image references from:  Hot girl Charm Girl confused girl & boy fighting hugging one side love cover photo

Work Vs. Health

Work Vs. Health

A man’s main target is to achieve his or her goals, even sacrificing their hours of sleep. A famous quote


How accurate do you think this sentence is. What kind of side effects could be causing to a disaster due to unhealthy habits like this.

One-Bad-Nights-SleepSleep is very important to a human body and that why it is meant to be a good sleep of 6 – 7 hours. But what really happens if you don’t consider this practice?

Let’s see what happens with less sleep hours and over sleep hours.


Less Sleep HoursBelow 6 hours of sleep

  • Drowsy, less energetic, hormones functioning is low
  • Hyper tension, Blood pressure, low blood pump
  • Falling a sleep at day time
  • Sickness, Body heat rises
  • Mind’s creative ideas are not shown up
  • body aches, pain in your limbs & more chances of heart attacks
  • Stress
  • Drainage of activeness in body
  • Liking in high junk food or sweets consumption
  • Slow digestion
  • Moody

Over Sleep HoursAbove 8 hours of sleep

  • Increase of fat percentage
  • Imbalance of hormones
  • Lazy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Junk Food preferred
  • Out of shape
  • Body gains are lost
  • Unorganized

As the factors above sleeping over time and less time impacts with bad impressions on your health. But the fact is, by sacrificing your sleep will it reach to your success without good health?

Our life is been made with a balance output, by managing day to days work and priority on each task matters. As well as, very important factors are Sleep, Food & Exercise on a daily routine. A successful person is seen always who could manage with a balanced day to day routine.

For a better healthy day, below days TASK would be better

Morning – Morning walk 3 – 6 km, Light meal, GYM (speed training), Morning breakfast, Work, morning coffee, quick protein snack (brunch)

Afternoon – Lunch, power nap/ rest, work

Evening – Evening walk 1.5 km (speed walk), supplement if any, fruits/ tea, movie, social media/ web browsing/ Television, dinner before 2 – 3 hours sleep, green tea (after 45 – 60 minutes after dinner), rest, breathing exercises, drink a glass of hot water before sleep.

The above method is a basic and better way for a healthy person to work and sleep balanced. Work on your projects, within a time frame, but always make sure a good sleep of 6 – 7 hours given towards your body.

Always keep in your mind, that your body is like a computer. When you use your computer continuously it shows a reaction of heating and OS malfunction due to overload of work. A same prototype is been seen in our body. Time to time our body requests for rest and we must make sure to provide it.

sleepnegativeYou might ask uncle Drac, “so how will I earn success in my career by working 8 – 9 hours”. Success is not about working 16 hours per day. It’s about working smart and wise.

Plan on your day to task list, meet people, make new connections, plan out long term Return on Investment (ROI) plans, set targets, be creative, be unique, study and explore more fields about your career or project taken charge of, challenge yourself, most importantly never forget your family and friends, they your silent guiders and supporters in your journey.

Work as well as focus on your health. If your not healthy, your goals are vanished too. It is very important, that you focus on both Health and your life goals equally. Don’t let your dream shatter with bad health. Be fit, be creative and be motivated, in every step you climb on the ladder.

A few seconds might not be important for you, but 6 hours of a healthy sleep is important for a long run in your life, in chasing your goals.

Uncle Drac’s time is ticking for his bed time and his coffin is all set for a healthy sleep, to start another day with a fresh start.

Achieve Success in Life

Why problems? How to stay Positive?

Problems, issues are very common things in life. There aren’t people without a single problem, unlike to be a PANDA. Probably they too might be having issues, imagine, just to sit around, show your self for all the lame people who comes to watch you moving around and take some snaps.

Well problems are very common, it never ends, but what matters is the solutions for your problems. Then you may ask anyone;

How will I over come from my problems with solutions while I’m totally blank….

satisfying answer, but that’s not the end. To over come from any issue first you must spread some POSITIVE Vibes and build your confidence. Its the hardest of all, but remember always be on the correct platform, because you will have to travel on a train that goes forward to your goals and ambitions, not to go back to where you are or much worse.

Solutions are not just simple answers, they are created with theories, logics, practical examinations (no no no not that hard).

Solutions is your skill of problem solving as you will have to identify where and what went wrong. whenever there is an issue examine the problem part by part that will allow you to take a decision to fix the issue from the very place things got screwed, if you failed to do that you might have to start very back, I’m sure you will never be happy about that.

As well how to stay positive, staying fit and healthy is important but very much important to be positive because that is what gonna boost your day and bring confidence in what ever you do.

Some would kill your positive thoughts, but as long as you are ready with your positive vibes to spread, you will be successful.

Also a TIP on how to be ready with people on  negative thoughts who would not motivate you, here is my secret recipe:

Always study the talk, actions and the mindset of people who you interact daily. So once you get used to it, you know what they might say next. With this ability even though they are high with negative vibes, you are able to protect yourself and just think they might come with some negative ideas & you will not be affected on what you hear from them something important on your beautiful day.

Team Player or Not

Hard to hit or Easy to break

  • A team player will always have to adjust his or her attitudes.
  • Be on time and be a better example to others.
  • Motivate others, guide others, be a do-er not just a talker.
  • But very importantly a person with good patience.

Well these are some basic skills you will have to develop when working and cooperating as a team member. It might be easy if you were always enjoying been with a crowd and always having friends hanging around.

But it will be harder if you are a person who is independently enjoying your own freedom who prefers working alone.

Let’s what category you fall

Qualities of an independent single player

  1. follows his or her own lead
  2. very creative and very careful sharing their ideas
  3. prefer the credit for their hard work and dedication shown
  4. on-time, organized and well behaved
  5. clarity and quality work
  6. prefers not wait and until someone else does
  7. not that interested to provide excuses for mistakes done
  8. can finish any project by the due date
  9. thinks several times about the gains and the loss with every step he or she takes
  10. looks for a partner with similar characteristics
  11. capable of multi tasking
  12. doesn’t show much interest on been supervised

Qualities of a team player

  1. instantly associates any stranger
  2. fun and lunatic
  3. respects others thoughts and ideas
  4. expresses what ever he or she feels and never rethinks about what is said
  5. will enjoy every moment but will give the best support when ever its highly needed
  6. will not prefer sitting around at one spot at a time
  7. will sometimes make a mess, might also fight for no reason with team mates
  8. loves to work alot when its a competition with another team
  9. supports when ever the team is loosing their team confidence
  10. struggles alot to get to be adjusted to control their fun zone time
  11. prefers working at night time, better enjoys to sleep on mornings
  12. presentation skills and demonstrative approach on subject details and explanation could be done without any fear
  13. accurate, brave, different skills and mostly a personality who would not give up too.

When discussing about the base facts on both of these 2 categories there are similarities as well as differences. When it comes to the business world or an organization you will always find people with both characteristics

Well if you are a BOSS or a LEADER, it would be much wise to understand these simple qualities of each individual, match them carefully and then appoint them per their work structure.

It is very like wise that you would not appoint an independent individual or let’s say a “Samurai Warrior” with group projects. Let him or her do work, which can be handled by them selves alone, project which should be covered within an ample time. They will do that with their hard work and skills.

As well as when it comes to team projects, definitely add an employee or a team member who has characteristics of a team player, so they would always make the team happy to work, as well as focus to build good team spirit and finally provide the end output of a project.


Everyone is born with special skills, some could be good friends, some could be enemies, some might be wise and some might be nerds. But what matters is their attitudes, their qualities and their performance. Track these important points, so as business head or as a chief executive or as a leader you may find the correct team and employees providing your organization a better service.