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Sex Tape Leaked: Sanath Jayasuriya accused

On May 24th, 2017 a video that has been shared and viewed virally in Sri Lanka on a top celebrity known by many on the field of cricket.

This celebrity is accused with the look alike on the video to be seen as the well known “Master BlasterSanath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka having a pleasure time. It is well known noticed that the next person on the video is supposed to be sanath’s Ex-Wife. Yet no one knows how was this leaked.

But, as it seems, its not yet clear on how was the video leaked, people due confirm it could be a look a like of Sanath. With assuming done by different media firms and social vloggers and bloggers its not yet confirmed positively whether Sanath Jayasuriya could be accused.

Confirmed sourced have mentioned that they are working to the core, to take down the video from all online platforms that has been released.

It was from yesterday, the 24th of May, the video has been massively shared and mentioned, but no confirmed source can prove, that the appearance shall be Sanath himself on the video, or was it leaked in terms for a personal revenge done by his previous spouse.

Though, these news are circulated, Sri Lankan fans can never forget their all time favorite cricket hero “Master Blaster” Sanath Jayasuriya with his skills and achievements for all these years.


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Fat to Fit Tips

Is your weight and your shape a torture to you?

This is a very common problem faced by many. Fat is curable to a lean and muscular body. It is possible, and many people lost with their confidence, usually convince them selves for short cuts, that they end with serious side effects.

Hard working always pays off, surely those short cut methods such as medicines and powder shakes will kill your fat cells and burning calories in weeks but what comes next, is the part that frightens you. Yes, there are illnesses with bad lever, low blood flow, uprising of Blood pressure, Heart rate drops and several more serious cases very well highlighted with quick result methods.

Why should you choose the hard way?

These are the reason why you should choose the hard way, instead of the shortcuts.

  1. When you train hard, your membranes quite adopts and develops necessary muscles for smooth and optimum workouts
  2. Results are satisfactory even though they take time
  3. Results are long lasting
  4. Due to natural workouts, your blood flow, breathing, posture, heart beat rate, etc. are well developed physically and mentally.
  5. Your confidence improves that allows you to be satisfied and work hard and smart to gain success on all fields you focus.
  6. Your fat cells and calories will reduce without affecting the skin with shagginess.
  7. Good sleep allowing you with early morning wakeup
  8. Improved metabolism & hormones
  9. Your even fit after a days work
  10. Less amount of cardiac strokes due to better cardio workouts
  11. With your hard earned results, the less chances of falling sick due to better health
  12. A perfect figure with a balance diet is maintained
  13. Feel more comfortable and flexible

these are just the basics. There are more points to be discussed of been active and hard working on been successful.

So how does this work?

  • Workout in a time period of 90 minutes to 180 minutes per day, depending on your schedule or workout plan
  • Try to maintain walking or running simultaneously for 30 minutes. It is with much higher results after 30 minutes. So a good walk for 45 minutes per day is the best for your Fat 2 Fit program
  • Abs workout on reps range of 500 – 800 with different AB Workouts, remember not to over stress yourself, if not, you will be doing lazy workouts only in a plan to finish the amount of reps quickly.
  • Beginners/ rookies always start from the bottom with correct guidance of an instructor, on workouts and meal plans
  • Have a rest time of 30 seconds to 50 seconds maximum between sets, it helps better chance on fat cell demolition
  • Good breathing exercises while working out is important, to keep yourself fit
  • Discipline of correct workouts and methods are very important
  • Workout at a gym, 4 days a week, minimum 3 days a must
  • Try to at least walk 30 minutes, on 5 days per week
  • Avoid speed walking, as breathing is very important
  • Avoid junk foods and sweets, its okay to have 1 cheat day per week, with a handful of sweets or snacks, which is more recommended to be taken with your breakfast or either with your lunch.
  • Avoid eating at late nights, even with your busy work schedule if your a late eater, make sure that you, have your meal 2 hours before you go to bed.
  • Have a glass of hot water or a cup of green tea before you sleep, but exactly 45 minutes after having your dinner.
  • YOGA or Speed Training, once per week is another better way of seeing quick results
  • Most importantly, patience and strong will to achieve success is very important in Fat to Fit program

If your a traveler or a foodie maniac it is important you organize the food you consume. Check your calorie intake on snacks and foods, also the amount of fat percentage included on them.

Remember the amount of calories you intake, it should be used to cut off, as well as to use it as your prime energy boost, on your workouts. So its very important you focus a balance structure, on adding calories to your body.

Always, there are events or parties coming up, in and out, so you need some enjoying life too, hence its never a crime to have a few egg rolls, some junk food, cheese, etc. in and out. But make sure to work out very well without been lazy.

It’s very important for Uncle Drac also, to be fit and healthy. Drinking a cup of blood will not be an ideal method to keep myself healthy. So with the rules of my mistress, uncle drac has to hit the gym and eat high proteins on daily basis.

I am indeed waiting to hear from you, about your opinions with these methods and who ever follows these tips and improves their workouts, do not forget to share your success stories by tagging Uncle Dr.Acula a.k.a Dracula on your posts.

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WWE Payback 2017

WWE Payback 2017 – Roman Vs. Braun

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman at the Payback event entering Braun at first to the ring and then followed up by Roman with cheering from the crowd.

The fight was heating up, when Roman with his Superman Punch on Braun made him to fall down on his knee. But Braun made a point to catch roman before his next punch with a shoulder lock allowing a chance for Braun on a Power Slam on the ring, though he was lucky for 2 taps on the hold, where Roman was ready to fight back.

With tough game on both landing on top of the announcing table, and getting roman towards the corner of the ring with both of their power punches and shoulder slams the match between them was getting more interested and fiery for WWE fans worldwide.

The event took place in SAP Center, San Jose, California. By the end of the match, Braun Strowman had the winning title by defeating Roman Reigns at the “WWE Payback 2017” the event coverage given by WWE Network provides more in detail coverage of the event.

Check below on the main highlights of WWE Payback 2017Roman Vs. Braun

Featured image courtesy by: | Featured video highlight by: WWE Network