Switching from Windows to Linux

Why did uncle drac switch to Linux?

Well my dear boys and girls, first I must say Windows had been a great partner in crime for years and years providing different services. But it has issues when it comes to pirate copies. The cracked versions with all its vulnerabilities to security threats, the choking and lag, most of the time that will give you headaches.

Well it does not yet finish from there with the answer if you has said, Uncle drac use a genuine softs. Windows is a hard core built with good features but really heavy on its armor thought. Easy work loads and easy access on many softwares. But yet summing up with security threats, it much more far recently the world feared the face of RANSOMWARE.

The lag was never, a suited feature when it comes to multitasking, specially when your working with high end media softwares such as After Effects, Premier Pro, Autodesk Maya or anything that kills a huge amount of RAM and VGA.

But that doesn’t mean Linux is the pro on media platforms, well then its better to switch on to a MAC Computer (with experience).

So coming to the point, Linux has made a great change for uncle drac. Made things easier except few softwares where I still require Windows. Linux Distros are far better than windows for the following reasons below

  • More free applications
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Reliable
  • Smooth and Supportive
  • Varitey of Distro’s (Operating Systems)
  • Master your own OS and structure as your needs
  • No software cost at all
  • Could install 3rd party windows softwares
  • In built virtual machine
  • No need of special security firewalls or programs
  • System integration with 3rd party softwares

Softwares are available on installation library and there are different other available softwares to be downloaded externally.

Hands on experience with easy user interfaces on some of the most used distro’s. For an example, some prefer to use a desktop version as well as a server based administration platform and a good options would be using Linux CentOS or if you prefer a nice decent and easy interface there is always Ubuntu. Some who is hyper would get Linux Arch, some who are interested on testing and bit of back end play, could use Linux Kali or Backtrack. If its only server based a massive preference given for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Well if its just on the media playground a ones choice would be Linux Mint.

So its always depends on the liking of what OS your more comfortable with. This is a light intro about why use, Linux? So that’s it folks, the decision is yours but always feel free to drop in a message to uncle drac for more information. Have a nice day mates!

Dr. Acula
Dracula Diary

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#WannaCry Ransomware

What is it?

This Ransom ware tool which has almost affected 100,000 of users worldwide who are more attached with windows platform. It is to be noted that from single users to large enterprises have been affected with this 0day crypto worm that encrypts all system data on your computer or laptop that runs on windows.

ransomware-expert-tips-featuredYet, there aren’t any decrypting tool founded to recover your files, but the admins or the nuggets who are behind this massive attack, is requesting a payment of 300 bit coins which is equal to $3000 dollars as a ransom to gain back their files with a decryption key.

It was more identified VPS (Virtual Private Servers), that is been running under windows server 2008 RDP, is much affected, as its network layer security is not upgraded and stable just as 2012 R2 Windows Server which has it, inbuilt.

By now hospitals, train stations, organizations, etc. have been victims of this attack. This has been the latest massive attack done worldwide.

Couple of months back at the beginning of this year, a ransom ware named “Cerber” which was led by russian hackers, had targeted countries and groups with its bit coins ransom requested on their accounts, in return to provide victims with decryption keys.

But, Wannacry Ransomware #wannacry also circulated under the name as Jeff Ransomware is still targeting and on the go.

How to stay safe?

  1. Stay away from emails with unknown addresses, offers or with any download links
  2. Better not to surf around XXX rated sites or malicious sites for your safety
  3. Have a PC scan and get your virus guard updated
  4. When ever your active, have your router ON. When its not in use, Power OFF it.
  5. Scan any files that’s requesting any updates or permissions to allow auto update or any fix.

Are you affected already?

Well this might be hard to hear, as its time for a format on your PC as it won’t be any sooner a decryption tool will be available to fix your issues. Its a worth await, but if your in a hurry, its better you go with formatting.


Uncle Drac
Dracula Diary

Article by Azzurro

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Laptop Overheating

Is your laptop overheating?

78% of people in the world use laptops due to its easy access and its portable to carry anywhere you go. Having a laptop is easy but maintaining it correctly is important too.

The reason behind over heating is probably, due to less air ventilation available for the system. Just, as how much air is important for humans, technologies are in need of good air intake too.

Due to dust blockage, cooling fan malfunctioning, thermal compound or well know as thermal grease leakage or a well know issue is your laptop is not kept on a flat surface.

Dust Blockage: The carelessness of keeping your lap covered with dust or not cleaning it up often, could damage the internal systems with dust particles. Specially on circuit boards or allowing dust to be stored around the cooling fan, that would block air flow due to adhesive dust on fan blades, that reduces the efficiency to cool down your laptop.


Frequently, make a habit to clean your laptop and its surrounding surface to keep your system running smooth.

Cooling Fan Malfunctioning: Due to an hardware problem, your cooling Fan might be pausing its rotation to run smooth. Due to this damage sector of your cooling fan, the needed air cooling is terminated and shutdown, with this, the temperature of both CPU and the motherboard increases.

overheatinglapsThis could be due to sudden drop or quick shocks on your laptop, which could affect incorrect positioning of your cooling fan.

Its better to get a PC repair check on your Laptop, if your not familiar with hardware repairs on a computer.


Laptop is not kept on a flat surface: Children and adults, are mostly using their laptops on beds, cushions, on pillows and mostly on your lap.


Well the Laptop is know as a “LAP” top but yet, its not positive replies given by doctors “dermatologists/ skin specialists” in resting a laptop on your LAP, due to its heat performance, it could give burn marks and skin allergies.

laptoponbed-08-1465391888Using a cooling fan would be a better option when using a laptop on top of your bed or using your machine not on a flat surface. A cooling fan is designed to support good air ventilation and providing much more air flow, under the laptop. As a cooling fan is usually built, 2 inches taller, this will allow your laptop, to easily send air in and out through its air ventilation portals without any issues.

Even though, good cleaning and maintenance on both Laptop and cooling fan is a must.

Another area that would affect in Laptop over heating is, when the use of multi tasking with high RAM percentage programs, which are open and running simultaneously and parallel, could cause over heating.

Check on your OS (Operating System), task manager for the most percentage driven programs from your computer RAM (Random Access Memory) for a long period, that could be affecting your machine with low performance.

Check on your other startup applications, if you do not need any start up programs, its recommended to end or remove those programs from the startup program portal. So that your system runs smoothly.

What OS are more smooth: Linux/ Ubuntu 100%, MAC 85%, Windows 70%

What Laptop brands are best for less over heating: ASUS 90%, APPLE 86%, Lenova 80%, Dell 75%, Acer 65%

Choose the correct OS and Laptop Brand and its specifications, depending and suiting your work area, to avoid purchasing a new laptop every year.

So Uncle Drac off for the day. Be in touch and share all our articles with your friends and family. More article and interesting news on upcoming days and weeks.

Uncle Drac a.k.a Dr. Acula

Article by : Inshath Cader

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